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Replace Every Eight: Because Your Mattress Doubles Its Weight!

26. August 2009.

Boy, I’ve never experienced the kind of rabid response I’m getting to Sit ‘n Sleep’s latest television commercial, but then again I’ve never worn a gas mask or cut a mattress open with a knife in an ad before.

Replace Every Eight Sit ' N Sleep

If you haven’t seen our new Sit ‘n Sleep commericial, I mention that over a period of eight years your mattress can almost double in weight due to … well … sweat, dead skin and all the mites who move into your mattress to dine there.

Everyday people I run into are in disbelief. They can’t believe the mattress they lay on every night has so much going on inside… and not in a good way.

I feel badly that I’m the one who has to break the news to them but I feel obligated. That’s why the rule is: replace every eight!