About Larry Miller

As far as well-known Southern California icons go, you might say Sit ‘n Sleep President and CEO Larry Miller falls somewhere between the Hollywood Sign on one end of the spectrum, and, say, the Dodger Dog on the other.  (No offense to fans of that fine concession item, of course.)

Larry Miller

Mr. Sit 'n Sleep

Unless you’ve somehow managed to live through the last two decades without listening to the radio or watching television, chances are you’ve heard Larry intone the immortal “or your mattress is freeee!” tagline more times than you might care to remember.  Thanks to Larry’s omnipresence on the local airwaves, he’s recognized and approached all around Southern California by fans and critics alike.  Whether you’re watching a Lakers game, listening to the L.A. Philharmonic, or even shopping at a Sit ‘n Sleep location, chances are you might be headed for a Larry Miller sighting.

But who is the man behind the mattresses?

Larry is a native Californian with a lifelong entrepreneurial spirit.  As a kid Larry did a booming business in newspapers and firecrackers around his old neighborhood.  As a teenager, Larry worked his way through high school and college (Cal State Northridge) washing dishes and helping out at — where else — his father Phil’s mattress store.  It’s no exaggeration to say that, for Larry, the mattress business is part of his DNA.

29 years ago, Larry and his father started the first Sit ‘n Sleep store in Culver City.  Thanks to an eye-opening trip to Japan Larry took in the late 1970s, that first store’s original focus was on futon sales. (Hence, the Sit ‘n Sleep brand was born.)  With Larry and his father working nearly ’round the clock, Sit ‘n Sleep became the first commercially successful mass distributor of futons on the West Coast.   Though the futon craze of the ’80s is long since past, the Sit ‘n Sleep brand remains as strong as ever.

Nearly three decades later, Larry remains actively involved with Sit ‘n Sleep as the company’s President and CEO.   With 31 locations across Southern California, Sit ‘n Sleep has become one of the largest and most-respected mattress retailers in the United States.

As gregarious and outgoing in real life as he is on the radio, Larry is proud to be on a first-name basis with all of his more than 220 employees.  He’s prouder still of his son Andrew and daughter Danielle.