December Sleep News Round-Up

Plane Passengers Sleep Easier in 18-Inch Seats. Airlines Don’t Really Care– Business Week

Researchers at the London Sleep Centre conducted the study for Airbus and found that a seat width of 18 inches or more improved sleep quality by 53 percent for its test subjects, compared to a 17-inch space.

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Early bedtimes could combat child obesity: Study finds young who sleep for longer consume fewer calories — The Daily Mail

Putting children to bed earlier may be a simple way to keep their weight down, research has shown. Scientists made the discovery after adjusting the sleep patterns of 37 children aged eight to 11, more than a quarter of whom were overweight or obese.

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World’s worst airports to sleep in … and the best– CNN

Sleepinginairports asked 14,600 passengers to rate airports according to four sleep-related criteria — “the four C’s”: comfort, convenience and cleanliness.

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Published: December 6th, 2013 at 12:50
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