L.A.’s Worst Mattress Contest: Enter Now For a Shot At Some Great Prizes!

Recently a customer told me that his mattress was the worst I was ever going to see. He told me to prepare my delivery team for what they were about to witness when they dropped off his new mattress and carted off his old one. I had visions of a bed riddled with bullet holes, covered in blood and cordoned off with police tape. And that vision got me thinking about all the used mattresses I’ve seen throughout my almost 40 years at Sit ‘n Sleep.

Is This Your Mattress?

A Possible Contest Winner

I’ve seen lots of stains, exposed springs and mattresses flattened on one side by the weight of their owners. I’ve also seen gaping holes and frayed corners caused by bored or angry pets. I’ve even seen a mattress cut in half by an angry spouse. Then it hit me. Is there a mattress out there that’s so bad, so disfigured, so awful it could actually be… the worst mattress in Los Angeles?

LINK: L.A.’s Worst Mattress Contest

What would it look like? How bad could it be?

How could a person still be sleeping on it? And wouldn’t that person’s life be transformed in a wonderful way if they could get a brand new mattress and get a restful night’s sleep? That’s why I decided to launch our Sit n’ Sleep Worst Mattress Contest. If you’re unhappy with your current mattress and live in Southern California, simply show me what it looks like on a short video, and you could win a luxury replacement mattress and … a shot at $100.000.00!

You can qualify in four categories: If your mattress is ripped, discolored, the springs are bulging out and it looks like it barely survived a prison riot, you can enter it in our WEAR and TEAR- category. If you remember sitting on your mattresses and watching the first lunar landing or you bought your mattress and raced home to watch the Nixon resignation, you might want to enter it in our OLD- category. If your mattress has peaks and valleys and looks like a baby elephant uses it for naps, you’ll want to enter it into our SAG- category. And if your mattress has seen more wine stains than a Napa Valley dry cleaner, you might want to tell us why, and enter it into our -STAINS- category. Five of you will each win a beautiful, high-end replacement mattress. And the one with the worst overall mattress will win $100,000.00!

So now’s the time to strip the sheets off your bed and take a cold, hard look at what you’ve been sleeping on. You might be horrified by your mattress.  And it just might be worth quite a bit of money.

To enter the contest, visit the Worst Mattress Contest Website.

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Published: October 12th, 2009 at 17:03
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