My Personal Secret for a Good Night’s Sleep

moonA reader from Valencia wrote and wants to know my personal secret for a good night’s sleep. Well, there are several things that are a must: First, the room has to be pretty dark with no distractions. I turn off all electronics and sometimes use a wave or white noise machine to block out any sounds that might keep me from falling asleep. Also, I keep my room at a moderate temperature and make sure not to drink caffeine or eat sugar hours before bedtime. I even keep my alcohol intake to a minimum.

And, I know that as important as a comfortable mattress is for a good night’s sleep, it’s essential that I have a great pillow too … one that’s comfortable and not more than two years old.

Yes, because just like your mattress, your pillow collects dust mites and grows fungus due to perspiration and oil from your skin. Pillows also tend to lose their shape and firmness after two years so they’re not giving you the support you need. That’s why at Sit n’ Sleep we’ll give you two free anti-microbial Memory Foam pillows with every premium mattress purchase.

Another tip for getting a wonderful night’s sleep is one my mother taught me when I was a kid and I still do it today. It’s a kind of meditation and it involves visualization. She taught me to close my eyes, relax and imagine a feather falling slowly through the sky above a mountain. I follow the feather as it slowly makes its way down the side of the mountain, floating above the trees, past flocks of birds and waterfalls, floating in slow motion above valleys and fields. I generally end up falling soundly asleep well before the feather reaches the bottom of the mountain. It’s a way to relax and quiet your mind and body by shutting out all other thoughts and problems.

Oh, and my last suggestion for getting a great night’s sleep? Be lucky enough to fall asleep next to someone you love.

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Published: December 4th, 2009 at 14:04
Categories: Sleep Health