November Sleep News Round Up

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need? – AOL Health

Ever realize that some people can power through a day on only three hours of sleep while others are lethargic after getting a full eight? A new study points to the possibility that gene variants may determine everything from how easily we fall asleep to how many times we wake up in the night.

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Health Matters: Body’s natural rhythm wants us to take a nap – San Jose Mercury News

New research suggests that our bodies crave biphasic sleep. It is believed that our bodies may be naturally programmed to take a nap during the day instead of having all of our sleep at once during the night.

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Adequate Sleep Important for Body Composition — The Epoch Times

Controlling your weight isn’t just about diet and exercise. The amount of sleep you get can also have a big effect on your weight. In this article we learn the delicate balance of hormones that affect your weight and how their levels are dictated by the amount of sleep you get.

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Published: November 5th, 2010 at 11:55
Categories: Uncategorized