Replace Every Eight: Because Your Mattress Doubles Its Weight!

Boy, I’ve never experienced the kind of rabid response I’m getting to my latest television commercial, but then again I’ve never worn a gas mask or cut a mattress open with a knife in an ad before.

Replace Every Eight Sit ' N Sleep

If it's After Eight, It's Time to Replace!

If you haven’t seen our new Sit ‘n Sleep commercial, I mention that over a period of eight years your mattress can almost double in weight due to (and I know this is a bit disgusting, but knowledge is power) sweat, dead skin and all the mites who move into your mattress to dine there.

Everyday, people I run into are in disbelief. They can’t believe the mattress they lay on every night has so much going on inside …  and not in a good way.  I feel badly that I’m the one who has to break the news to them but I feel obligated. That’s why the rule is: replace after eight!

And you shouldn’t wait for eight years if you’re not getting a good night’s sleep. You cannot believe the condition of the mattresses some people replace or trade in. Some have such a huge body depression on one side that the person must be holding onto the sheet while sleeping so they don’t hit the floor. I’ve seen mattresses with springs coming through the pillow top, mattresses worn to the threads, even mattresses with such large body depressions in the middle it must be like sleeping in a ravine!

I can’t begin to imagine how the owners of these mattresses can function during the day. I need seven to eight hours of sound sleep and I make sure I get it so I have a shot at staying healthy and productive. Weekdays I’m in bed and asleep by 10 p.m. because I get up around 5 a.m. to workout before going to the office.

And I’m fully aware that during those seven or eight hours of wonderful, restful sleep I’m sweating and shedding skin cells and creating a buffet for dust mites and other miniscule, uninvited intruders. That’s why I replace my mattress more often than most.

So if I’ve made you a bit uncomfortable with my new commercial, I’m sorry. But if I’m responsible for you replacing your old, worn out and dust mite inhabited mattress for a new one, and it helps you get a great night’s sleep and feel rested and happy in the morning…

Well … you’re welcome.

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Published: August 26th, 2009 at 17:00
Categories: Sleep Health