September News Round Up

How Sleep Deprivation Affects Our Attractiveness And Approachability– The Huffington Post

We know that lack of sleep affects our attention, behavior and health — but what about physical appearance? Researchers from the Medical Institutet Karolinska in Stockholm, Sweden have shown in a recent study that lack of sleep not only affects our attractiveness but also our approachability.

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Dads who co-sleep with kids show dip in testosterone — FOX News

A recent study found that fathers in the Philippines who were about to sleep in the same bed or even the same room as their children had lower levels of the macho sex hormone than did fathers who slept in separate bedrooms.

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Sleep Problems and Poverty: How Socioeconomics Impact Our Sleep and Health — The Huffington Post

Lower socioeconomic status may lead to poor sleep, but the cause could also flow the other way, with poor sleep or a sleep disorder reducing the potential for educational or work success.

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Published: September 14th, 2012 at 14:54
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