September Sleep News Round Up

Sleep Deficiency Linked to Diabetes The Press Association

According to a UK study from University of Warwick, people who get six hours of sleep or less per night were three times more likely to develop a condition which leads to diabetes and heart disease than those who enjoyed six to eight hours of rest.

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Sleep, Mortality and Mental Decline – Psychology Today

Some shocking studies were recently published in the health journal, SLEEP. First, men with chronic insomnia who got less than six hours of sleep a night, were four times more likely to die in a 14-year study than those who regularly got more rest. The second study found that young adults who habitually slept fewer than five hours a night were three times more likely to develop psychiatric disorders than those that got eight to nine hours of shut-eye.

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LA Road Warriors: Commuter Stress Taking Its Toll — The Huffington Post

Being an L.A.-based company we understand the woes that most Angelenos face each day on the way to work. In this article, you’ll learn how to combat commute stress and see how a good night’s sleep plays a role.

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Published: September 24th, 2010 at 15:05
Categories: Sleep News Articles