The Findings Are in From Our Harris Interactive Sleep Study!

Life has become a little more difficult for most of us in the last several years, so I figured that moving into a new decade people might have different needs and concerns when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep than they’ve had in the past.  Being in the mattress business for nearly 30 has allowed me to get information about how people sleep in lots of different ways.

I get research from the various mattress companies we work with, sleep studies from universities and private researchers, and of course lots of anecdotal information from the thousands of customers who’ve visited our stores in the last three decades. But I wanted more detailed info about what you, the consumer, need and expect from Sit ‘n Sleep so we can help you get the sleep you so desperately need.

That’s why we commissioned a Consumer Sleep Research study from Harris Interactive to find out as much as I could about current patterns of sleep. Here are some of the study’s findings:

  • Well over one-half (58 percent) of adults often feel sick or not rested when they sleep on an old or uncomfortable mattress.
  • A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, showed that those who slept less than an average of seven hours per night were nearly three times more likely to develop a common cold than those who reported eight or more hours per night in the weeks leading up to the experiment.
  • Half of all respondents exercise less without a good night’s sleep.
  • Almost 2/3 of full and part time workers feel that an old or uncomfortable mattress affects their performance at work.
  • More than 50% of employed respondents are likely to be short or unfriendly to co-workers following a bad night of sleep.

Those are just six things we discovered from the study but they all indicate the same thing … a good night’s sleep is vitally important to a vibrant and fulfilling life.

At Sit ‘n Sleep, our goal for 2010 is to help you get the rest you need so you can feel healthy, avoid colds, get more exercise, and perform better at work.  And we’ll do that by offering you the largest selection mattresses in Southern California, bringing you the latest technology to help you pick the right mattress for the way you sleep, and making sure you receive tremendous savings so you can afford the quality you deserve.

I hope the next decade is a bit easier than the last one … and I’m sure it will be … if we all just get the sleep we need.

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Published: December 14th, 2009 at 0:12
Categories: Sleep Health