Sleep Your Way to Skinny

Feet on ScaleIt’s now March and I’m hoping you haven’t given up on your New Years resolutions yet. Especially the one about losing weight. I know how hard that one is to keep. I workout and watch what I eat but it’s a constant struggle. But there’s a secret to losing weight you may not know about.

Many recent studies cite a good nights sleep as an extremely important component of a weight loss regimen. Why? A researcher from the University of Chicago says that not getting enough sleep can cause a hormone imbalance that leads to overeating! Another study from the University of Chicago found that people who are sleepy during the day due to a lack of sleep tend to consume a couple hundred more calories a day than people who are rested. And… if you’re tired it’s really hard to do a push-up!

So diet, exercise and good night’s sleep seems to be the total formula for successful weight loss. It’s not easy working out every day and dieting is tough… but if you have a bad mattress you’ll never get a good night’s sleep and you may never lose the weight you’re looking to lose. So do some squats, eat a salad and get rid of that lumpy mattress. I bet you never thought 8 hours of sleep could help get you into your old jeans.

Curious about how your mattress might help you lose weight? Read more at Sitnsleep.Com!

LINK: Is Your Mattress Making you Fat?

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Published: March 15th, 2010 at 14:12
Categories: Sleep Health