So Cal Cheers the Return of Irwin the Accountant!

Southern Californians have been asking me about Irwin, Sit ’n Sleep’s esteemed accountant, since he disappeared from our radio ads a few years ago. Well friends, Irwin is back in our latest radio spot for the 2010 Year End Clearance Sale. And, yes, my discount mattress prices are STILL killing him.

Here are some answers to the questions people most frequently ask me about good ‘ol Irwin.

What made you decide to bring Irwin back for your Year End Clearance Sale radio spot?
While the dust mite campaign has been very successful, it was time to switch it up a little. Plus, Irwin complained because I wasn’t giving him enough work.

Where has Irwin been this whole time?
In his accounting office in The Valley, nose-deep in the books.

What does Irwin think about dust mites?
He’s disgusted by them. They scare him. He can’t sleep at night out of fear of dust mites and bed bugs.

Do people ask you about Irwin when they approach you on the street?
People ask me all the time to bring Irwin back. Now that he’s on the air again, people are laughing.

Are we going to hear more from Irwin in the future?
Possibly, if Mrs. Irwin lets him out of the house to record.

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Published: December 13th, 2010 at 17:24
Categories: Irwin