What Kind of Mattress Do I, Larry Miller, Sleep On?

When people meet me at social gatherings or recognize me on the street the first thing out of their mouths is usually, “you’re killing me Larry!” The next thing that happens… they want to know what kind of mattress I sleep on.

Skillfully I avoid answering by explaining that what’s right for me is probably not the best choice for them due to their weight, injuries, sleeping position, etc. I let them know that Sit ‘N Sleep has a diagnostic device that blows away my expertise and they should check it out since it’s the best and only way to find a mattress that can truly guarantee a wonderful night’s sleep.

mattress-larry-miller(2)Not realizing that I never told them about my personal mattress, they go merrily on their way — hopefully to one of my stores. Now this scenario has played out hundreds of times over the years and it’s left me with a tremendous amount of guilt. Why won’t I tell people about my mattress?

Well here goes.

For the first time anywhere, I, Larry Miller, the president of Sit ‘N Sleep will publicly reveal, the bed I sleep on…actually…the beds. I actually don’t sleep on one particular mattress, which would be like admitting to having a favorite child!

At Sit ‘n Sleep we have hundreds of mattresses from lots of different manufacturers, so what do I do? I sleep on a different mattress every couple of months. Now I know that may sound eccentric, but I do that so I can experience each different brand. I make sure I sleep on mattresses from manufacturers like Simmons, Sealy, Serta, Sleep to Live, Kluft — the list goes on — so I get to feel the subtle differences of each design. Then I’m able to explain those differences to my managers and to my customers.

The downside to changing mattresses so often is that I can’t let myself get too attached to any particular type. Some are firmer, some are softer. They have different types of coils and upholstery. Yet I can appreciate every mattress for its unique characteristics, and I know that we’ll find the right home for each and every model and I’m certain their owner will get a wonderful night’s sleep. And that allows me get a wonderful night’s sleep … no matter what mattress I’m sleeping on.

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Published: November 9th, 2009 at 16:25
Categories: Mattresses