Why Are Your Stores Called Sit ‘n Sleep Anyway? Part 1: The Incorrect Guesses

“I just don’t get it…where are all the chairs? Did you run out?” Years ago a customer from Studio City  wondered why a store called Sit ‘n Sleep wouldn’t have a single chair for sale!  And he’s not the only one.

I’m often amused when people are baffled by our name. I think almost everyone in Southern California knows by now that we sell mattresses because they’ve been hearing our ads since the early eighties, and we’ve sold more mattresses than any other chain in America. So they have no problem with the word sleep in our name but why would we throw the word sit in there if we’ve nothing to  sit on in our stores except for a couple of chairs for our customers … and they’re not for sale?


Instead of giving you the answer right away, I thought you’d enjoy reading some of my favorite guesses customers have come up with over the years.

  • “Didn’t it used to be called Sit ‘n Eat? I thought you used to sell dining room sets and then changed to beds so you added the word sleep.”
  • “You used to sell chairs ….but then you stopped…but you thought you might start selling chairs again, so you kept the name, right?”
  • “You can sleep on a bed but you can also just sit on one and watch T.V.”
  • “Lots of people start out sitting up in bed and end up falling asleep. So it’s Sit ‘n Sleep.”
  • “The name of the store already existed and it was too expensive to change the sign.”
  • “You were going to sell chairs, but once you put a lot of mattresses in the store there was no more room left for chairs.”
  • “Don’t they have those beds with a motor where the back goes up so you’re kinda sitting up in bed?”
  • “You used to sell those Japanese futon things that could adjust to be a bed or a sofa. But why wasn’t the store called Futons and Beds? That’s what I would have called it.”
  • “Some people actually sit while they sleep because of a bad back. I do.”
  • “You used to sell chairs and beds… but there’s more profit in beds so you got rid of the chairs but kept the name just in case you wanted to start selling chairs again.”
  • “You stopped selling chairs but changing the store name to just, “Sleep”, sounded stupid…or like a clinic or something.”
  • “I don’t get it. I didn’t see any chairs.”

I could go on and on with customers explanations for the Sit ‘n Sleep name but I’m going to  let you use your imagination to figure it out.  But don’t worry: I’ll give you the actual reason we’re called Sit ‘n Sleep in my next blog post.

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Published: July 19th, 2009 at 14:13
Categories: Sit 'n Sleep History