Without Sleep Your Short-Term Memory Suffers

It’s no secret amongst scientists that when we sleep our brain sorts out all of the information we accumulate during the day. Whether it’s vital information learned in a classroom setting, unimportant advertising we drove past on the road to work or muscle memory skills practiced on the golf course. That’s why it makes sense that when people wake up frequently during the night their ability to create long-term memories from their short-term memory begins to suffer.

Take a look at these two important articles that explain how getting a good night’s sleep can improve your memory quality and function.

Interrupting Sleep Keeps Us from Making Memories – USA Today

Lack of sleep turns the brain to mush. More precisely, waking up too frequently prevents the brain from forming new memories…

Read the whole article >>

Sleep and the Long-Term Memory: Could That Be the Reason We Sleep? – AOL Healthy Living

Of course, we sleep because our bodies demand it; we know we require sleep for our survival…

Get the whole story >>

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Published: July 29th, 2011 at 16:12
Categories: Sleep Health
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